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We are a sub division of Envoyes.net, after nearly three years of helping people to learn about computer operation, a few of our clients have requested that we build them a computer.

We can do that, Dave Deacon our computer engineer has over 25 years experience working with and building computer systems.

If you want to contact us, all our contact information is on the contact page, but don't hurry away just yet... On first contact we usually ask you exactly what you'd like to do with your computer. Do you actually need web connectivity or do you just want somewhere to publish the Parish magazine, store your pictures or do video editing?

We can tailor the computer to your needs.

Our recycled 'green' range come in two categories, one is wholly re-manufactured from recycled parts and the other is a hybrid machine manufactured from both recycled and new parts. They are perfectly serviceable machines of a reasonable spec, given new life--Born Again for a budget price

loki computers

Our Loki range of computers are work-a-day machines built to slightly lower specification than our Thor machines. They may be described as sedate, reliable computers.

thor computers

Our Thor Range are built to a high specification, large hard drive, large fast memory, and higher spec monitor than our Loki machines. These computers are for the enthusiast who doesn't have the time to tinker with a computer.

contact us

Born Again PC's are located in Braintree, Essex. We will travel any reasonable distance to install your new computer system.

The best time to contact us is when your hard drive begins to sound ropey eg. sounds like a coffee grinder. Sometimes an additional machine is needed for your spouse or teenagers and you want the best machine for a budget, but have come to the end of Dell's list, and have asked PC World all the right questions and got puzzling answers.

All you have to do now is click on the contact button, fill out the form and talk to a person who will talk to you in non-technical language. There's no charge for email or telephone inquiries. We're here to help you have an enjoyable, pain free, computer experience.
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